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Sport and exercise

Sport and exercise as therapy for mental disorders

In addition to competitive sports, we address the question: how can health sports be applied as a treatment method for mental disorders? The role of sports and exercise in the prevention and treatment of chronic physical illnesses such as obesity or diabetes mellitus is undisputed. However, new medical research findings now show that sport and exercise can also be used effectively in a preventive and therapeutic way for many mental disorders.
Most psychiatric and psychotherapeutic facilities already offer sport and exercise to varying degrees. However, the disease-specific application of physical activity in mental illness is usually omitted. With the help of evidence-based studies, we strive to show the disease-specific possibilities of sports and exercise and its limitations.
The Society aims to contribute to the integration of sports and exercise as an integral part of psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatment and to raise public awareness of the preventive role of sports and exercise in the maintenance of mental health. Intensive cooperation is sought with general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychosomatics, psychotherapists and health insurance companies.

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