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Am Limit. Wie Sportsstars Krisen meistern. By Johannes Seemüller

Medals and titles are the currency of successful athletes. Those who reach the top are made stars by the media and adored by fans. To achieve this, competitive athletes push themselves to their physical and mental limits - and often beyond.

The newly published book shows sports stars as emotionally and personally as never before and provides insight into the darker side of competitive sports. Recommended reading by the DGSPP.

Gerald Asamoah · Matthias Behr · Karla Borger · Timo Hildebrand · Ottmar Hitzfeld · Clara Klug · Michael Köllner · Dominik Nerz · Elisabeth Seitz · Frank Stäbler · Kristina Vogel

Rarely have top athletes spoken so openly about how they dealt with setbacks and crises. The book contains video excerpts from the interviews.

The portraits are supplemented by an in-depth interview with Dr. Valentin Z. Markser.


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