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Mens Sana In Corpone Sano: Psychobiological effects of physical activity

On May 01-04, 2022 in Erice, Italy, the "Ettore Majorana" Foundation and center for scientific culture will host the workshop Mens Sana In Corpone Sano: Psychobiological effects of physical activity.

Purpose of this workshop

The purpose of this interdisciplinary course is to bridge the gap between the various fields that are concerned with the question of physical activity and its implications for health and disease. Experts of different fields ranging from sport science , sport medicine and sport psychology will address and discuss the following topics :

  • Nutrition, training, biomechanics, physiology, kinesiology, injury prevention , rehabilitation, motivation, personality traits, and mental health. These topics will be integrated with the perspective of evolutionary psychobiology and psychoneuroimmunology. Sex differences with respect to physiology, psychology and sport performance will be also explored.

The workshop is addressed to students and researchers in sport sciences (i.e. sport medicine and sport psychology), including PhD and undergraduate students of medical schools, psychology, sport sciences, neurobiology, etc.) as well as professional sports coaches and anyone interested in this interdisciplinary approach.

Workshop Organizers

Davide Ponzi (Università di Parma, Italy)

Hans- Georg Kuhn (University of Gothenburg. Sweden)

Cosimo Costantino (Università di Parma, Italy)

Daniela Caporossi (Università di Roma 'Foro Italico', Italy)

Alessandro Sale (C.N.R., Pisa, Italy)

Stefano Parmigiani (Università di Parma, Italy)


Daniela Caporossi (University of Roma, Italy) - Exercise in the evolution of human neurobiology

Alessandro Sale (C.N.R. Pisa, Italy) - Physical exercise and visual cortex plasticity: active training for amblyopia recovery

Georg Kuhn (University of Gothenburg, Sweden) - Epidemiology, physical fitness early in life and its effect on brain diseases later in life

All information and registration can be found on


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