German Society for Sports Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


Welcome to the homepage of the German Society for Sports Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. This society aims to maintain mental health in competitive sports and to promote sports and exercise therapy in the treatment of mental disorders. These goals are pursued by informing and educating the general population, sports clubs, sports associations and politics. Furthermore, this takes place in the form of specific sport psychiatric and sport psychotherapeutic education, further education and training opportunities. These are aimed at psychotherapists, sports physicians, sports psychologists, mental coaches, physiotherapists, trainers and others working in the field of sports.
On this homepage you will find information about mental health in competitive sports as well as about the influence of sports and exercise therapy on mental health. Furthermore, you will get an insight into the activities of the society, on current events and on our further education and training offers.
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Our next training

Our next training "Basics of mental health in competitive sports" starts on Dec 10th in Cologne. All information here on this page, we are looking forward to your non-binding request.